Our goal is to build a unique, small, tight-knit group of adult gamers who share an interest in the ArmA series, played in the “realism” style. Here are a few points that you’ll need to agree with and/or understand if you have an interest in joining up.

Group Focus

The group is intended for adults, over the age of 21, many of whom have limited gaming time. Our goal is to have one event per week, at which attendance will not be required. We expect members to be as active as possible, but both the group and the applicant must understand that this group is unlikely to ever be a daily activity group. If that is what the applicant is looking for, this is not the place for it.

The Age Limit

The reason for the age limit is a simple maturity and life-stage one. We hope that this will appeal to adult gamers who are in the same place in life as many of us are. Most of us have full-time careers, college, families, children, etc, and are more understanding of a lower frequency of events. We value the time we set aside for ArmA very highly as a result of its scarcity, and we expect people to RSVP for events (just a yes or no on a calendar item) and show up on time and with game faces on ready to get in mission and have fun. Anything less is disrespectful of the other members who are carving out time to be here for events only to be delayed.

Group Leadership

The group is governed, in terms of administrative decisions (recruitment policy, server admin, mission planning and schedules, modpack admin, etc) by a small group of administrators. Decisions are ultimately made by the Group Leader, under the advice of the admins. These decisions will always be for the group’s best interest, but they may not always be in line with the desires of every individual member. This group has a purpose, a theme, and a vision to adhere to. This kind of decision-making structure allows us to move forward in a unified direction, with efficiency, and to remain true to the goals of the Founders of the Group. Many decisions will be made in a democratic manner, but this is not a requirement, an expectation nor a tenet of the group. It is not a democracy, and that is by design.

Group Theme

The group is themed as a private military company for a variety of reasons. It’s not necessarily a common choice, but we like it. Typically, the storylines we play will be realistic. Sometimes, they’ll go a little off the rails into mercenary territory. In any case, when we’re in game on official operations, especially campaign ops, we try to do at least a little bit of roleplaying and retain the “immersion”. We use the proper dialogue, radio protocols, formations, etc as required to be realistic, but what our group lacks is the out of game military decorum and simulation that is so prevalent in many serious “milsim” gaming groups.

Our Recruitment Process

1) Apply via this form. Provide as much detail as you think necessary. We have a maximum number of concurrent recruits! That means that if there are already the limit of recruits in the group, your name is slotted into a waiting list, and you might be waiting a long time, depending on when the other recruits started. As soon as there is an opening due to a recruit who has joined the group permanently, or been removed or left, more invitations will go out.

2) When there is a recruit slot open, you will be invited to have a brief, informal chat with one or two of us. Primarily this is an attempt to tell you about the group, get to know you a little, find out what you’re looking for in a group and vice versa, and gauge whether we both want to go farther.

3) Within 48 hrs from your interview, you will receive either an invitation to recruitment or a message thanking you, but indicating that we’d rather not pursue recruitment.

4) If you accept this invitation, you will be added to our Slack team (our chat application) and be walked through mod pack setup. We would also schedule your training at this time.

5) You must complete a short training course which introduces you to our mods and how they work, our play style, tactics, etc. before your recruitment period officially starts and before you may play on our servers and/or at our events.

Member Agreement