Persons of Interest

Territorial Defence Battalion 109 (109th)

Simon Simonchenko

Commander of the Territorial Defence Battalion 109

Simon Simonchenko is the commander of the 109th. Their main area of focus is the Esseker region, but they also perform operations in the rest of eastern Ukraine. Simonchenko formerly served in the Ukrainian Armed Forces.. He participated in the militia activism in the last decade and rose in influence until 2018 when he formed Territorial Defence Battalion 109 in order to help combat the Russian occupation during the war. Post-war, the 109th declined to follow the general call for militias to disband, which turned out to be good, as the NAF gained in strength and the Ukrainian Defence Forces lacked the strength to fight it effectively. Simon currently leads the 109th forces in the Beketov region personally.

United Armed Forces of Novorossiya (NAF)

Pavel Gordek

Leader of the NAF

Gordek is an ethnic Russian and has lived in eastern Ukraine since he was born. He was involved with several pro-Russian groups around the time of the revolution and after. His militias were involved in the Crimean annexation, and when the NATO-Russia war began, he created the NAF, a merger of multiple pro-Russian militias, to fight alongside Mother Russia. When the war ended, some of the NAF withdrew and went home, but the majority stayed active to fight an insurgent war, or what they call a civil war, against the puppet Ukrainian government, and Gordek still leads them. Gordek is not often in the Beketov region, but when he is, he usually has armed escorts and moves around quite a bit, in order not to be caught unawares by his enemies.

Dorel Karr

Regional Commander of the NAF

Karr is the commander of the NAF forces in the Beketov area. He is a hands-on, lead-from-the-front guy. He’s been fighting in Ukraine for more than a decade now, having begun in the revolution as a teenager. He has some Russian family from Russia, and some ethnic Russian family in Ukraine, and he firmly believes he’s fighting for freedom from Western tyranny. He has a very rough, brute strength tactical leaning. He can normally be found somewhere in the city of Beketov itself.

International Development and Aid Project (IDAP)

Sir Wallace Spectre

Regional Project Leader

Spectre is the man in charge of all IDAP units in the Beketov region. He is cocky and self-sure, a combat veteran of the Royal Marines who left that position in 2012. For the next two years, he volunteered for various projects, until he joined IDAP as a team leader in 2014. His first deployment to a combat area was actually to Ukraine during the revolution. Since then, he has been leading various teams for IDAP in zones such as Eastern Europe, Africa, and South America. This is his first regional command (of an entire aid project).

Dr. Joseph Vargas

Regional Medical Operations Director

Vargas is a Hispanic man from LA. He is a very inspiring man, a doctor that makes you assume he can get things done. He’s a trauma surgeon and often gives the impression he’d rather be practicing his craft than managing the medical team. Vargas is slated to arrive in the Beketov region within the next few weeks. Vargas became a licensed surgeon in 2012, practicing in private hospitals in the United States for five years before joining IDAP. Vargas fell into the management of medical teams through seniority, over time, and the skill necessary to do so, although he’d rather be without that responsibility.

Robert Kohl

Regional Aid Operations Manager

Kohl is a no-nonsense individual and is not tolerant of military excess. He is rumored to be keeping a dossier on the various large militias and other organizations operating in the area and is not fond of the military in general. Kohl has been with IDAP for only a year and a half. He was a police officer in Detroit for five years before entering the private security world for another six. In both roles, he had administrative responsibilities, and those served his resume well when applying for a position with IDAP as an aid operations manager for regional level teams. Kohl manages security and logistics (transportation, supplies, etc). He is African-American in heritage and has a wife and three children in the States. He is tough but usually fair with the employees or volunteers he is managing, and is never caught without his aviator shades.

Security Service of Ukraine (SBU)

Vasyl Havor

Head of the SBU

Havor is a middle-aged, balding man, who became the head of SBU in 2015, after serving previously as the head of several regional departments, as well as briefly heading the organized crime division. Takes a special interest in the Beketov region’s stability, for reasons unknown, but is not often there personally, as it is relatively unsafe.

Victor Zubarov

SBU Officer

Zubarov is the SBU liaison in the Beketov region and works primarily with the 109th, as well as with CIS now. His past is unknown, and the name is suspected to be an alias, as he’s an active officer in the field in a very dangerous climate. He is often found in Beketov city itself.