Territorial Defence Battalion 109

Territorial Defence Battalion 109 is an organized militia unit that was formed in 2018 by Simon Simonchenko in order to help combat the Russian occupation during the NATO-RF war. The group was made up of a variety of smaller militias who either personally were familiar with Simon or who saw the value in larger scale communication and action. After the end of the war, the 109th was one of the “Battalions” who ignored or refused the call to disarm and disband, which turned out to be a good thing, as the threat of the NAF pro-Russian insurgency grew. The 109th operates outside of the Ukrainian Defense Forces, but often in their stead, and thus far, never in opposition to them.

United Armed Forces of Novorossiya (NAF)

The United Armed Forces of Novorossiya (NAF) were formed by Pavel Gordek during the revolution in 2014. They remained active in the eastern part of Ukraine after it was over, labeled as a terrorist group by the government. They assisted Russian special forces in the takeover of Crimea, and have fought guerrilla actions since. During the NATO-RF war, their ranks swelled and they took on new importance, and when the Russians withdrew, they kept fighting.

International Development and Aid Project (IDAP)

The International Development and Aid Project (IDAP) is a large non-governmental organization (NGO) which provides services to third-world nations, post-war reconstruction, and other similar missions. The IDAP also has close ties to the United Nations, so at some points in their history, they have been a key source of U.N. information about a region in which war crimes or other events are occurring.

The IDAP directive in the Beketov region is multifaceted. They are helping to clear minefields, rebuild damage, repair infrastructure (roads, power, etc), provide medical attention, and more.

The Cheruv Militia

The Cheruv militia is local to the west of Beketov. They are a small gang of somewhere around 20 members. The Cheruv are generally pro-Russian politically, but function more like a gang of thugs than an actual regional or national scale combative militia. They spend their resources harassing villages to acquire more supplies to sustain them, arms and munitions, etc.

The Ukranian Front Militia

The Ukrainian Front is a national-scale, ultra-nationalist militia, who are extremist anti-Russian. The militia has 60+ personnel currently in the Beketov region, some technicals, some heavy weapons, and some APC-type of assets as well. They believe in reunification and in the extermination of the ethnic Russian populations, especially those who are not staunchly pro-government.