It’s time. We’ve been ordered to eastern Ukraine, a little region around the city of Beketov. The whole area was messed up long before the war, and the war has only made it worse. Pro-government militias, radical extremist anti-Russian militias, pro-Russian militias, local gangs who just want everyone out of their towns. It’s a mess. The government of Ukraine has had aid money from NATO for hiring PMCs to come in and help them clean up, and keep their VIPs and their citizens safe while doing so, so that’s where we come in.

We’ll also be tangentially involved with IDAP, the aid NGO, as they enter the region and begin to do aid work with the Ukrainians. Always love us some do-gooder international tattle-tales, right?

Well, time to get our game faces on.

Brandon Asher
27 April 2020