The Republic of Lingor

Lingor is an island nation just off the coast of Columbia. The strategic importance of the nation is partially in that proximity. The island produces oil and drugs, and is a haven for the rich tourist who wants to vacation in a secluded South American spot. Lingor has no age laws for alcohol or drug consumption, nor for prostitution or gambling. The industry takes full advantage of these facts, despite Lingor being, overall, a rather poor third world nation.

Although El Presidente has an ironclad rule set up on Lingor, many on the island would prefer a truly democratic form of government and a resurgence of trade and tourism with the United States. Unfortunately the government is a puppet facade, propped up by the cartel. The leader of Lingor, Felip Juarez, self-dubbed “El Presidente”, makes grand gestures about reforms, popular votes, and more, but for the most part this is a sham.

Elections occur without opponents, or with carefully arranged ones who are not intended to be any serious contest. El Presidente regularly coordinates with the Mara Cartel, who run drugs, guns, and people both on Lingor and in other areas of South America.

El Presidente, his government, and his Government Army of Lingor (GAL) are opposed at every turn by the Armadas Revolucionarias de Lingor (ARL). They are most prevalent in the southern portion of the island, where the GAL grip is not so tight. The ARL is supported loosely by the United States and other powers in the Americas, but not officially. There is a very small United States Embassy on Lingor, strategically positioned outside of El Presidente’s capital, as a sign of not-so-masked disrespect.

To further complicate things, the International Consortium of Miners (ICOM) is present on Lingor, being the primary corporate entity contracted by El Presidente to work the oil on the island and offshore. ICOM has a monopoly on the country’s oil, and in return pays El Presidente’s government an extremely handsome fee for the ability to work in the area. CIS has worked for ICOM in the past, and actually had an armed conflict with ICOM security forces on Tanoa.

The Current Situation

The CIA is acting in direct support of the ARL in an attempt to oust El Presidente and his cohort from power on Lingor. A black ops team was dispatched to the region three weeks ago, but after their second check-in, they have stopped reporting back. CIA assumes them to be compromised, unable to phone home, or dead. They have hired a CIS team to infiltrate the island nation, with the following theater objectives:

  1. Ascertain the fate of the CIA black ops team on Lingor.
  2. Provide covert assistance and protection for US assets on the island, including the Ambassador and residence, tourists, etc.
  3. Assist the ARL in destabilizing El Presidente and dismantling the GAL