All right, here’s the lay of the land now that CIS has landed in the Islands with a sizable force:

  •  HQ has challenged China’s government to cease hostile actions in the Horizon Islands, and  apparently they indicated that they will blow the lid on all of this to the international press, including Chinese Special Forces slaughtering of innocent civilians, ICOM employees, and their contractors on the island, as well as the sinking of the cargo ships full of innocents. China claims to have withdrawn special forces from the islands, which are not part of its domain at any rate, but has noted that its cordon remains in effect for its own national security, and that any vessel leaving the island would be boarded and searched, and any air traffic not flagged as CIS, until more can be learned about the situation. In return, CIS signed an agreement documenting what can and cannot be carried past the blockade (i.e. not WMDs) and has agreed to take direct action against any forces of the Shugai Cartel located, on behalf of ICOM, which China finds to be acceptable. In other words, they maintain their blockade of all but us, we take care of the WMD problem and, as a bonus, the Cartel. If we fail, no blood on their hands, if we succeed, we’re doing work for them. Nice.
  • The new CIS commander, Adam Jennings, is a douche. He’s completely run over our truce with the Cartel, and is a hard line asshole, probably ex-officer. He says that the new mission is to deal with the rogue element of ICOM, mostly their security division regionally, that is conducting the chemical weapons research (which they now believe to be fact, rather than theory), the jamming of communications, the imprisonment and death of some civilian ICOM personnel and natives, and other criminal acts here in the Islands. They’re referring to this group as the Rogue Faction. At any rate, we’re to prosecute both the Cartel forces on this island, who ICOM HQ believe to be in league with the Rogue Faction, despite our debriefings indicating otherwise, as well as the Rogue Faction itself, as our primary target. If they have WMDs, we’re to secure them. If not, we’re to eradicate them – hopefully they’ll surrender and come quietly, to be shipped off to their countries of origin and prosecuted. If not, we’ll arrest or eliminate them.
  • Once the islands are secure, ICOM will resume activities here, with a CIS security force remaining in place to assist with training the new regional security detail provided by ICOM, for approximately four months. During this period, Chinese inspectors will be allowed onto the Islands, and, once their inspections are concluded, the Chinese blockade will lift.
  • For now, we’ve established five outposts around the FOB at the airfield. They are respectively FOB Yankee, and Shield 1 through Shield 5. This will be our headquarters indefinitely. We also have FOB X-Ray on the southwestern island, which will be a jumping off point for securing the southern islands.