Joker Section makes an expedition down to St George Airfield on the southeastern island, and the nearby harbor, looking for transportation off of the islands or more clues to the ICOM departure. Along the way, they encounter hostile civilians, not Shugai Cartel, but something else, another gang or perhaps just civilians defending their island. Attempts at communication fail. When the CIS personnel cross the bridge onto the island, the group attacks and are destroyed.

Additionally, the town attached to the harbor and airfield have some other armed civilians in it, who sporadically engage Joker sections as they make their rounds. The group find a sealed letter from an unknown ICOM Security employee to Jacob Vanderbilt, the Director of Security, explaining that they’d forced the civilian ICOM employees in the area onto boats, sent them out of the mouth of the harbor to load onto cargo ships, but in the middle of the process all of those boats and ships had explosions on board and sunk. The writer suspects a missile ship or submarines, probably Chinese navy sent to encapsulate the islands, (if they fear Western WMDs on the islands) and let nothing leave.

Joker verifies the sunken boats in the harbor, and extracts to home, also destroying one jamming device and locating and marking two others on the journey there and back.