Joker section sets out to meet with Jero Sai, the local Shugai Cartel boss, in order to negotiate a temporary cease fire. After traveling to Sai’s camp in the temple ruins, Sai indicates that he’s willing to live and let live, but he wants the CIS unit to destroy the Sea Dragons mobile HQ in order to buy the ceasefire.

Joker section reluctantly accepts, and travels to the surface pit mines, where the HQ is reportedly located. The place is crawling with soldiers, and after a prolonged firefight, most of them are dead, as well as a Chinese truck of some kind hoped to be the intended target.

The section extracts themselves from the area and returns to base, mostly intact.

Going forward, they intend to batten down the hatches and stay alive until reinforcements arrive. The plan now is to only leave the camp for exploratory missions to locate the ICOM research station, or better yet, a way off of the island.