Joker section rolls out to investigate ICOM’s southern storage facility, in central Tanoa, following the trail of the crew of the Comms Alpha station. They encounter Cartel forces at the Roadhouse, apparently having re-occupied it. After the Roadhouse was cleared, Joker section pushes on to the ICOM facility. On the road there, they also encounter a jamming station, with a truck full of Cartel thugs pulled up next to it. Both are destroyed.

Upon arriving at the facility, Joker section finds quite a few dead ICOM personnel – possibly the ones from the Comms station, possibly not. They also find a number of suspicious items. Two of the jamming stations are stored here, and attached to ICOM HEMTT trucks. There is also a box of weapons and a box of gas masks. Lastly, a laptop which displays a warning screen, noting that it cannot access ICOM-HORIZON network because “Apollo Protocol” has been activated.

After some discussion, the prevailing theory amongst the contractors is that ICOM is conducting some sort of chemical weapon experiments here. The Chinese somehow found out that this was happening in their backyard, sent special operations personnel here to investigate, ICOM set off the jamming to isolate the islands and disallow easy communications to the outside, and that the Cartel are just bystanders, conducting gang warfare against who they believe to be armed hostiles. ICOM HQ sent CIS to the islands not because they didn’t know what had happened (jamming probably standard protocol if the weapons project is threatened) but to find out details of what is going on.

The group can’t, of course, substantiate this theory – yet. But more details may come to light soon!