The CIS contingent in the Horizon Islands has been cut down significantly. An entire squad left on a mission to route some local thugs out of a camp nearby, and after several hours of gunfire in the night, none of them have returned. The remaining CIS forces have battened down and held position until the scheduled emergency supply drop, which is expected at 96hrs on-island if no contact has been returned.

Now, Joker section retrieves the drop, deals with the Cartel patrol sent to investigate it, and then returns to find its base camp ransacked, some of their supplies gone, and more of their men killed.

Joker section strikes out at once to the twin communications stations on mainland Tanoa, Comms Alpha and Comms Bravo, built and maintained by ICOM. They find them occupied by special forces soldiers, who appear to perhaps by Chinese. Could this be the culprit who has been jamming ICOM, CIS, and the Cartel’s transmissions, and killing their people? If so, why?

Neither comm station is functional, and Joker Section lacks the technical expertise to repair them – but they do find a lead at Comms Alpha – the ICOM personnel manning it had apparently left on a day or two’s journey, heading to ICOM’s southern storage facility to acquire parts, and presumably interact with the people there, before returning to their isolated hilltop. Perhaps they’ll be there, or some way to fix the transmitters.

It’s worth a try at this point. Joker section is surrounded by enemies on all sides, and running out of options. It is still a long ten days until a relief effort is expected, based on emergency protocols. Anything could happen.