Joker section assaults Cartel positions in the jungle of northern Tanoa. Their objective is to eradicate Cartel forces in the camp and its outposts, and force any remainder to flee. This will free up CIS operations in northern Tanoa, allowing them to operate without Cartel attacks looming around every bend.

The first enemy position is taken down flawlessly, and the second goes almost without a hitch, but when Joker begins movement through the jungle to the main camp, all hell breaks loose. The teams are pinned and in close combat with an unknown number of combatants in the dark, comms are almost useless, and they struggle to move.

Three men are killed by a grenade, while the remainder are kept pinned by sniper fire. Finally, the assault slackens, and the remaining seven choose to push on to the camp. They successfully destroy most of the personnel there, but sustain more casualties, losing another man and taking injuries. Getting low on ammo and medical supplies, Joker section extracts to the west and north and attempt to flee to civilization with six out of ten personnel remaining alive.

And then they encounter an unmarked minefield, intended perhaps to defend the camp from incursion from the north. One member of the section is downed and unable to be roused, so he is carried as the group struggles to find a safe path. They get to within perhaps one or two hundred yards of the nearest town, suffering a series of near miss blasts and injuries along the way, but the last explosion kills all remaining personnel but the section leader, who then succumbs to injury.

In the aftermath, CIS forces will discern that their entire section that went into that jungle was slain; but that so was the overwhelming majority of the Cartel forces in the area. Only a handful of survivors remained to stagger south, to other Cartel holdings.

A victory, perhaps, but a pyrrhic one, at a terribleĀ cost.