Operation Swift Reckoning

The Turkish prison island of Imrali has, over the last decades, slowly become saturated with both political and violent-crime offenders. The facilities there are well beyond capacity. The prison island was never intended to be high occupancy or to be populated with high-risk prisoners. In April 2021, the prisoners have staged an uprising, led by none other than Abdar Onan. An elderly political prisoner, Onan is the head of the Turkish terrorist organization known as the HSK (Kurdistan Revolutionary Forces, or Hêzên Şoreşger ên Kurdistan). At one point in the past, in fact, Onan was the only prisoner on Imrali.

The current-day populace far outnumbered the guards, and the Gendarmerie forces on the prison island are quickly and viciously overrun by the rioters. The rioters are suspected to have gained access to the armory on the island, so they are expected to be well armed with M16 assault rifles and sidearms. Luckily, explosive ordinance is not permitted on the island.

The only communications off of the island are via the communications tower, and that system is encrypted and secured, and so far, the rioters have not accessed it. No boats are left on or near the island. In effect, the situation is contained, and currently only known to the Turkish Government. This calm will not last long though. The government refuses to mobilize the army to assault the island. Such a mobilization would draw worldwide media attention and shine a light on both the embarrassment of the situation as well as on the HSK’s cause. Gaining such a world stage for the HSK is likely the entire point of the uprising.

The government of Turkey has hired CIS to conduct a police action on Imrali island. Dubbed “Operation Swift Reckoning” by CIS Command, the operation has the following objectives:

  1. Prevent knowledge of the incident from spreading off of Imrali itself.
  2. Locate and arrest (or neutralize) Abdar Onan.
  3. Arrest and extract (or neutralize) all inmates involved with the uprising.
  4. Arrest and extract all remaining non-combatant prisoners, civilians, and Gendarmerie officers.

When Swift Reckoning is complete, the goal is that every inhabitant of Imrali island will either be in Turkish military custody or will be dead and accounted for. Once personnel have been extracted, the Turkish military will determine who should be debriefed and released and who should be detained, allowing us to ignore poisitive ID of individuals other than the VIPs and simply detain and extract all living non-combatants.

The government of Turkey has granted CIS the use of Marmara 4, a small oil rig undergoing extensive maintenance work in the vicinity of the island. The rig has been vacated of crews for a 48-hour window to allow for operations to occur without notice. The rig is not running, nor is it attached to a well. It is serving primarily as a floating helipad for the operation. The government has also loaned CIS the use of several Hueys to employ as required.

The goal is for the entire operation to be conducted within a 24 hour period, with periodic helicopter extractions of personnel as well as supply drops to keep the ground section freshly supplied and able to consistently maintain a high level of decisive action. This plan allows the government to have the situation resolved as expediently as possible.