Beketov is a city (and surrounding region) in eastern Ukraine. Ukraine has been rife with conflict for the last decade, with a series of violent events breaking it further and further apart, from the revolution in 2014 to the Crimean occupation. Many of the volunteer militias that had sprung up in those years, both pro-government and pro-Russian, refused to disarm and disband in 2017 and 2018 when the public called for it. Beketov, home to both Russian sympathizers in the NAF as well as a healthy amount of pro-unity citizens, was a war-torn place already by this time.

When the NATO-Russian Federation war broke out, Ukraine was one of the earliest and bloodiest battlegrounds. The Beketov region was utterly ruined during the war, with what little business and economy that remained after the unrest of the 2010’s having now been decimated by the NATO-RF war.

Now, the region is controlled by rival militias, the pro-Russian NAF and the pro-government 109th Territorial Defence Battalion. Independent local gangs and militias have sprung up all over the region, as well, such as the Cheruv and the Ukrainian Front.

The government of Ukraine has acquired aid packages from other NATO nations, including funds to hire private military contractors to assist with its rebuilding efforts. The contractors will provide security for building and infrastructure, for government employees and assets, and for foreign aid workers in-country. Additionally, the contractors will provide policing to the areas to which they are assigned, and assist the pro-government militias in conducting counter-insurgency operations against the NAF and other unlawful gangs and unregulated militias.


The International Development and Aid Project (IDAP) is one of the NGOs hired to provide physical and medical aid to the residents of the Beketov region. The NGO is partially funded through the United Nations, so they also sometimes act as a watchdog, providing more eyes for the reporting of war crimes and other inappropriate behavior, especially by contractors hired with international aid monies. So, while the CIS units in Beketov will be working with IDAP to complete their mission, there will undoubtedly be heightened tensions between the two, as well as a more stringent expectation that civilian property and lives be respected.


Timeline of Events