The Taunus District of northeastern Germany was one of the regions occupied by the Russian Federation at the time the war ended in 2019. Germany was one of the major fronts, split in two. After the Geneva Committee, Russia withdrew occupational forces from Germany, and the district was one of those left in turmoil.

The Bundeswehr are deployed all across Germany, but in the wake of the war, their efforts are needed most on Germany’s borders, re-securing the country as a whole. Germany has created a national police force, a Gendarmerie, fashioned after the French police units of the same name, whose style has been copied throughout modern-day Europe.

Unfortunately, the Taunus district has a high percentage of ethnic Russian population, and some members of the citizenry have not been as happy about the withdrawal as others. A citizen militia who dubbed themselves the Russian Patriotic Vanguard (RPV) during the war were very active, especially amongst the younger communities, popularizing their struggle to join Russia on social media and in rallies in the districts with larger Russian population and sympathizers.

The RPV have taken on a new life since the peace was struck, acting as an insurgent force inside of Germany. The Gendarmerie, being a new police force, have their hands full, and in the Taunus district, the insurgency is especially strong. The Gendarmerie have brought in Clover International Security, a PMC, to aid them in maintaining order and peace, in post-war Taunus, with the goal of protecting the civilian population and eradicating the RPV movement once and for all.

Timeline of Events