About CIS

Clover Security is an ArmA 3 realism gaming clan that was founded in the summer of 2015 by three individuals. Our founders have all been friends for years, throughout other ArmA 3 and even ArmA 2 endeavors, and have a broad range of experience with the game. We have people who began the series with Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis. We have excellent mission editors. We have people who dabble in mods and textures. We have server administrators and web developers. And most of all, we have a vested interest in not only the game, but in our community. This allows us to create an amazing atmosphere in which adult gamers can relax and spend a few hours a week having a good time. We enjoy playing ArmA in the only real way that it can be played (to those of us that love it, there is no other way) as a cooperative realism unit.