Clover International Security

The Premiere Small-Group Realism Gaming Organization of the ArmA 3 Community
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We strive to create an atmosphere of in-game realism, while relaxing and having fun. We do not believe in out of game “milsim”. Our goal is in-game professionalism and attention to the objective, but without sacrificing our ability to have a good time.


We are a small group of friends with history, building a tightly-knit core of adult gamers. We recruit slowly and carefully. This process may seem tedious to some, but to us, it’s critical to be sure before we invite people to be a permanent part of our community.


Our group doesn’t play as often as some, but instead, we work together to make our ops the best ArmA experience that could possibly be had. Our custom missions, carefully planned campaigns, and most importantly, our members, make that happen.